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Alexander Myznikov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Welcome to my web page. It's been developed to simplify communication between me and my collegues. In this section you'll find information about my experience and professional skills. Next section contains a chat room and soon there also will be a simple online game to entertain you.

I am a web software engineer working primarily on complex websites and applications with diversified back-end and rich front. I am interested in building functional, stable and secure systems able to live under high load and exchange data between multiple servers at high speed giving users the best web surfing experience. In 2016 I've opened a world of IoT for me and currently I am curious to give myself a try in this area. So on this summer/fall I'm going to start a project aimed to build a multiplatform system giving an intuitive interface to integrate and control a set of IoT devices both from the spot and on remote basis. Explore /blog and /projects sections to get more info about it.

Below you'll find a short list of my expertise. Hope I have not missed anything important in it. But if you need to clear up something please use chat at the bottom of this page to ask me.


Php.versions("5.*", "7.*")
.topics("Streams", "WebSockets", "Output buffering", "Caching", "Sessions", "File system", "Data compression", "Databases", "XML", "Calendar", "Template engines", "Mailing", "Graphics", "Text processing", "Geolocation", "Migrations", "Hashing", "I/O filtering", "Unit testing", "Regular expressions")
.extensions("Aura/router", "Hoa/Websocket", "AlexEdev/SafeSession", "Raveren/Kint", "Memcached", "PhpMailer", "Phpmig", "Twig", "Zend-diactoros", "Composer");
.topics("Joins", "Transactions", "Prepared statements", "Subquerries", "Unions", "Compound statements", "Database design and optimization")
.design("Entity relations charts");
Security.topics("XSS", "CSRF", "Clickjacking", "Session fixation and hijacking", "SQL and PHP code injections", "Malicious files loading", "Spoofed forms submission");
Frontend.HTML5("File API", "History API", "Persistent client-server interactions", "Webstorage", "Canvas API", "audio and video APIs", "etc...").CSS3().Javascript().jQuery().AngularJS().GSAP();
Other.design("Object-oriented design and programming", "Patterns", "UML", "MVC")
.administration("Linux", "Nginx", "Apache", "Php-fpm", "Mysqld", "Memcached")
.versioning("GIT", "Continuous integration")
.education("Specialist (bachelor + 1 year diploma and specialization courses) of applied science (Information Systems and Telecommunications) in Voronezh State University");
RADIO - to set the right mood :)
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